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Escultura Romana


IT MONDO Art Advisory

Ongoing personalised expert advice for collectors. 

Simone Piva, personally helps you to find and choose the best art on the market in keeping with your taste and budget and regularly updates your personalised selection of works. Due the huge variety of artworks, specially considering global possibilities, to choose and being selective is crucial. Our art advisory service provides you with an Art Advisor committed to sharing her knowledge of the art market and guiding you through the art world, helping you through each step of the buying process, including also negotiations with artists, galleries and other collectors, on your behalf in order to secure the best deals and keeping you informed with news concerning the artists in your collection and following important sales, auctions, exhibitions and fairs.

IT MONDO Curatorship

As an Art Curator, Simone Piva is in charge of the organizational aspects of an art exhibition holding the responsible role in defining the content of the event, choosing the works to be exhibited and the location. Her service of curatorship includes: Selection of works for the exhibition project,Selection of exhibition facilities, which may be traditional or supported by high technology,Researching, compiling and preparing written information on catalogs,Taking care of marketing and communication aspects, aimed at promoting the event, Preparing the budget and finding funding sources,Personnel management,Management of sponsors and sponsoring bodies,Monitoring the transportation of works. Working as an agent-like figure she also gets use of her knowledge of 3 languages that makes she able to work worldwide.

IT MONDO Artist Agent

With the growing professional development of the art system in the world and its globalization as a whole, the artist's need also arises to seek the improvement of his practices by managing difficulties and eliminating obstacles of different natures that may be hindering the development of all her potential and consequent appreciation of her artwork, being free to concentrate in creation. With this in mind, the representation and agency of the artist by the curator and art advisor Simone Piva, has as premises:

To present to the artist the actual scenarios, tools and regulations within the artistic area, to  decide which are the best strategies and paths to be followed according to his purpose outlined for the period and her budget directed to the impulsion of the career. Present options for the artist to waste less time and energy in his efforts in order to achieve the goals more assertively. 

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