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Miami, once again, played host to the world's most vibrant celebration of contemporary art during the annual Art Basel Week. This artistic extravaganza brought together a diverse array of global talents, transforming the city into a kaleidoscope of creativity.

The pulse of the city quickened as renowned artists, emerging talents, and avid art lovers converged in a swirl of colors and conversations.

Inside of the Miami Conventions Centers, the atmosphere buzzed with excitement. Galleries from Paris to Tokyo, Berlin to Buenos Aires, showcased their most compelling works, creating a visual feast for the senses, including IT MONDO with 15 artists from 12 countries. Attendees meandered through the carefully curated exhibits, engaging in dialogue with artists who shared their inspirations, techniques, and the stories behind their artworks.

As a curator entrusted with orchestrating an international booth during Miami Art Basel, my journey unfolded as a mesmerizing blend of responsibility, creativity, and the sheer thrill of showcasing diverse artistic narratives on a global stage. From the moment the booth concept was conceived to the final moments of dismantling, every step was a testament to the power of art to transcend borders and connect cultures.

Months of meticulous planning culminated in the grand unveiling of our booth at the RED DOT MAIMI 2023. The space was a microcosm of the world's artistic tapestry, featuring works by a carefully curated selection of international artists, Colombia, Brazil, Spain, Italy, India, Canada, Bangladesh, Venezuela, Thailand, France, Belgium, Taiwan, isn't amazing? 

One of the most rewarding aspects of the experience was collaborating with the artists themselves. Engaging in conversations about their creative process, inspirations, and the stories behind their works added layers of depth to the exhibition. Witnessing the artists' enthusiasm as they saw their creations integrated into the larger narrative of the booth was a gratifying reminder of the collaborative nature of the art world.

The week was not without its challenges. Logistics, coordination, and the ever-changing dynamics of the art world presented hurdles that demanded quick thinking and adaptability. Yet, in the midst of the chaos, there was an undeniable sense of accomplishment in overcoming each obstacle, knowing that our booth was contributing to the larger mosaic of Art Basel Miami.

The closing moments of the fair brought a mix of emotions. Dismantling the booth was bittersweet, as the physical manifestation of months of dedication was dismantled. However, the connections forged, the artistic dialogues initiated, and the impact on both artists and viewers resonated far beyond the confines of the convention center.

The experience left an indelible mark on my curatorial perspective, reinforcing the belief that art has the power to unite, inspire, and transcend the borders that so often divide us.

Thank you for each and everyone of you, for being part!!! Enjoy some special shots here!!!



IT MONDO was founded 8 years ago in Italy by Simone Piva. After working as an Architect and Interior Designer for over 15 years in Brazil and using this experience of working close to art galleries and with many artists but also her knowledge and multidisciplinary education provided her subsidies along the time to become an art curator and advisor.

As a curator, she believes it is art exhibitions and events, can create strong connections and show the world each particular view of the universe and life, and how this movement can approach even heavy issues and change a generation.

IT MONDO, in partnership with major galleries, important art platforms, artists, and other curators, promotes shows and events in Europe, America and Asia working with artists from more than 16 countries offering both artists and art lovers, new ways to connect with the art world. 

"I believe art represents a potent tool for building bridges between people, strengthening mutual understanding. Art can be a great engine for economic and social development, to make not only citizens grow and become more engaged, but also entire communities and governments. Art is the key, above all to understand the thinking and way of life of an era and a people. It is what will forever represent us here so that the next generations will understand us. This is the artist's greatest value."

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